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whatsapp login online chat 2020 - whatsapp login online with phone number

whatsapp login online chat - WhatsApp Web 2020 You will not need after this moment to use the WhatsApp application via your mobile phone after you can use WhatsApp Web, you will know at that time a big difference in terms of your use of WhatsApp, there are many who suffer from the use of a program and "WhatsApp 2020" for the computer through the mobile phone, many have They prefer to use WhatsApp through the computer for ease of use or in the speed of dealing and the speed of use in terms of writing and the speed of sending and receiving WhatsApp messages, you will be able to know all that is related to the WhatsApp Web feature through the following topic site and in this particular article, continue reading to the last so that you can use M. Watts August Web Online.

whatsapp login online chat

whatsapp login online chat
whatsapp login online chat

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What is Whatsapp Web

  • WhatsWeb is a new service: launched by the official company from the WhatsApp application, to allow you to run the WhatsApp application via the computer, it is a very beautiful service, which has been launched by WhatsApp Arabic in its launch for all users of the official WhatsApp program, WhatsApp, the company, "web whatsApp" "It has recently become the property of Facebook after Mark, the owner of the Facebook application, purchased it recently. He launched a service that enables users of the WhatsApp web program 2020, whatsapp web. WhatsApp web was created mainly in order to preserve the special internet packages in mobile phones. .

What is whatsapp web service and how it is used on the computer

  • The WhatsApp Web feature for Android enables you to take advantage of the service that you launched, to run your account in the WhatsApp program via a computer, so in the midst of security doubts about protecting your personal information or your data in the privacy of the web whatsApp com application.
  • A large number of Android application programmers have expressed that so that you participate in WhatsApp program "whatsapp login online chat" conversations between your Android phone or iPhone and between the computer in the WhatsApp web service for Android, whatsapp web Android has been created to be a security destabilization, they said, but from the side The other one finds a lot of whatsapp web users as a nice service with great benefit for everyone who uses whatsapp web code via computer whatsapp web 2020.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web privacy protection

  • If whats web service has been exposed in terms of privacy to the hack process, it is an increasing concern of a large extent. It comes to the user of WhatsApp Web and Soas of another type in terms of technology, WhatsApp spy and in the WhatsApp web service for Android whatsapp web, when you do in how to use whatsapp web There are several conditions for you to enter and use it, and on top of it is that you need to have your phone in which you use the WhatsApp application must be connected to the Internet continuously, this is a problem in the WhatsApp Arabic service whatsapp web.

web whatsapp

web whatsapp

Steps to run WhatsApp Web on the computer

  • In the beginning, you must log in to the WhatsApp web spy platform through one of the browsers such as: (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera) or any other browser that you have in your phone or ready in your computer. You can also log in. To WhatsApp web for iPhone whats app web via laptop.
  • And after that you have to log in to the WhatsApp application in your Android phone or iPhone and click on the three points in the top [whatsapp login online chat] box corresponding to the word WhatsApp and then you have to choose from the drop-down menu the option of "WhatsApp web," after that you will Shows the camera tells you to shoot the code in the WhatsApp download platform.
  • Then you have to go to your browser and enter an address or link for opening the WhatsApp feature. Download: web.whatsApp.com or you will find a link to WhatsApp Plus to spy at the bottom of the article and this will show you a QR code or what is called a verification code .
  • Or safety to open, hjshf, df, after that you have to do a swipe through your mobile phone, which you previously had from the "wep whatsApp" site in order to run the WhatsApp feature for the computer to download whatsapp web on your computer without having to transfer or copy your files Or the WhatsApp "Backup" database, as well as your contacts on your mobile phone.

More explanation for running WhatsApp Web by number

  1. Dear user of the WhatsApp Web, now say goodbye to the mouse and hello and welcome to keyboard shortcuts to save a lot of time and dispensing excessively with the computer mouse, these are some of the best important keyboard shortcuts:
  2. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N: To start a new conversation
  3. The second shortcut of the keyboard, Ctrl + Shift +]: to move to the next conversation for WhatsApp Web.
  4. The third shortcut via the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + [: to move to the previous conversation.
  5. Fourth keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E: To transfer the conversation to the archive.
  6. Fifth Ctrl + Shift + M: to make the conversation silent.
  7. Sixth Ctrl + Backspace: to delete the conversation.
  8. Seventh Ctrl + shift + U: to mark the conversation unread.
  9. Eighth Ctrl + shift + N: to start a new group.
  10. Ninth Ctrl + P: To open the profile status.

whatsapp login online chat

  • Do you suffer from low vision and your glasses far? And you suffer from using WhatsApp Web, all you have to do except click on (ctrl + shift + equals) to enlarge the text and if you want to return it to its normal size (- + ctrl + sheft).

Download the WhatsApp program for the new computer

Emoji in WhatsApp Web

  • Certainly, the conversation will not take place without you using the emoticons feature, in WhatsApp Web, click on the shapes icon and choose the form that best suits you to the situation you want, but we are talking about those tricks that enrich you in using the mouse in WhatsApp Web, so there is another easier way that you can Use the shape you want:
  • In the text box in "hjs hf df whatsapp web" type in the (shift +; /: key) symbol followed by the first two letters of the emotion you want to express so you will get a corresponding emoji that changes with each letter you type in and for it then Clicking Enter to accept the emoji.

Log in more with a WhatsApp web account

  • Certainly, you may have two accounts in the WhatsApp application, one for work and the other for chatting with friends. This trick will allow you to log in with two accounts on WhatsApp Web. If you want to open another account "whatsapp login online chat" on your computer from the browser itself, then open a new tab and after that enter the address of the following link dyn.web.whatsapp.com, which is another agent created from WhatsApp to open an application Secondary "WhatsApp Web" is secondary, it is completely secure, checking, checking and verifying the extent of coding through the scam Adviser application. With this trick, you can use two different accounts from WebWebs only and not three or more accounts.

whatsapp sign up

whatsapp sign up
whatsapp sign up

Whatsapp exe

How to read messages without coloring the two signs in blue

  • If you want to read the messages without the blue Sahih sign appearing at the completion of the reading process:
  • Open another new window, for example, sticky notes application, and control its size so that you can read WhatsApp messages, i.e. make WhatsApp Web “hjs hf, df” in the background. This way you read all messages while the two icons feature remains in gray.

WhatsApp Web features

  • One of the most important features of WhatsApp Web is that it enables you to communicate or chat with your friends easily through the computer or within the correspondence in groups within the WhatsApp application with ease through the computer, without needing to carry a mobile phone or open it to do the matter.
  • You can use the WhatsApp Web from the computer via your real personal computer for writing at a fast speed, which may make it easier for you to chat more easily and at a faster speed in the process of communicating via WhatsApp Web.
  • You can view cases or media files sent or received on WhatsApp Web delivered to you on a larger screen.

WhatsApp Web

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web

  • Among the most disadvantages of the WhatsApp Web link service, is that you cannot make calls in WhatsApp Web in the feature of voice or video calls via a computer from the computer, but that the matter is exclusive to phones only.
  • When you use "hjshf, df", it is not a complete alternative to your Android phone or iPhone, as it requires a continuous connection to the Internet, effective on your mobile, at a time, at the same time, to operate normally.

whatsapp web english

whatsapp web english
whatsapp web english

How to run WhatsApp Web and use it on a computer

  • The first step is to enter the official "web.whatsapp code" website from here, or alternatively install WhatsApp computers * from here.
  • On the phone, enter the WhatsApp app, and from the menu, select WhatsApp Web.
  • You will see a screen with the devices connected to your account (if available) and you have to click on the + logo at the top of the screen.

whatsapp login online chat

  • Here the camera will open and should be directed to the screen to read the QR Code shown on the site or within the application.
  • After checking the required QR code, you will be taken to the messaging interface to be able to messaging using WhatsApp for PC easily.
  • * Note: WhatsApp web download for Windows is available exclusively for Windows 8 and Windows 10. So you will not be able to use it if you are using Windows 7 or an earlier version of the system.

How to log out of WhatsApp Web?

  • If you want to log out of the Lotus Web in the regular official way, or you may be concerned about some kind of water on your personal data, or there may be another unknown party that can use your laptop, then be afraid of where it hacks WhatsApp while you are using WhatsApp Web on the computer The mobile phone is sure that you may be worried that they can get or can access the WhatsApp 2020 conversations, there are definitely two ways that you can log out of WhatsApp Web: -

whatsapp login online chat

  1. First: - You can log out of WhatsApp via the computer from inside (the browser you are using the currently used WhatsApp web)
  2. Second: - You can log out of WhatsApp via the phone included in the WhatsApp account that is currently running in a browser via the WhatsApp Web site with the original number.

How to log out of WhatsApp Web by number via computer

  • Whether in a browser or a Windows application, you should go to the menu option at the top of conversations. From the available options, click on Log Off and you will be logged out of this service only from this browser.

How to log out of WhatsApp Web via smartphone

  • You can log out of WhatsApp by going to the menu at the top of the conversation, and from there you have to choose WhatsApp Web with the number Whats App Web.

whatsapp login online with phone number

whatsapp login online with phone number
whatsapp login online with phone number

whatsapp login online chat

  • After that, a list will appear for you in the devices that are currently used in the "WhatsApp Web" browser, and it will show you the type of device and the type of the current browser that is used, and a web account that uses this service so that it enables you to access your account in WhatsApp Web. You can after that to log out and delete the program WhatsApp for the computer, from the user's WhatsApp Web browser by the number from any device you want so what you need is to click and choose log out (Log Out WhatsApp Web). Or, you can choose "exit from WhatsApp" from all connected devices that open Log out from all devices to exit all devices currently connected to the entire WhatsApp Web in one batch.

WhatsApp web site on the computer

  • WhatsApp Web application on a computer that has won many awards just as it calculates the best application at the moment for conversations, whether audio, writing, video or audio correspondence, that application was produced from it the large number of copies of variants, a modified version of those copies has been produced in which the number The large number of layouts that are not present in the original application, just as it was produced various copies for Android, computer, iPhone and mobile devices with the Windows format, so it has stood on its feet the commercial establishment by making a large number of heterogeneous copies in order for the application to work on various devices with a view to display To apply in a different location and to reach all the users of the various devices, except that the organization got up thinking outside the container and no longer counted on applications or programs for you to run WhatsApp but rather it issued a customized version but it is represented in a web page that you can open at the hands of the computer browser for Using it to run WhatsApp without needing any programs on the computer.

whatsapp message

whatsapp message
whatsapp message

WhatsApp Web

  • For iPhone users, they can also use the WhatsApp Web feature for iPhone by going to the link that we will put at the bottom of the article, so what you, dear iPhone users, have to click on the WhatsApp Web for iPhone link shown below, and enjoy using WhatsApp iPhone.

WhatsApp Web apk